Lily Award

An opera singer who combines her music career with supporting mentally challenged individuals through music therapy.

As an international opera singer, Aya Makino holds recitals around the world. Currently, disability welfare service offices provide therapeutic support through music therapy. Ms. Makino is active on the front lines of this mission in her acting roles in the operas of the Kansai Nikikai. Recognizing the importance of music therapy in the psychiatric field, she helps conduct exchange activities at the local venue concerts. In light of such work, she was awarded 11th Lily Award.


The Lily Award is an honor given for activities supporting the independence of those with mental disabilities. The award ceremony is held by an accredited NPO local mental health and welfare organization partnership. It is bestowed for particularly outstanding activities on individuals and groups that have contributed to greater social acceptance and quality of life for the mentally challenged. ソプラノ歌手 槇野 綾 オフィシャルサイト