About the project “Honda Cars x NPO”

Osaka prefecture Honda Cars official website

大阪府 Honda Cars 公式サイト

An account of Nadeshiko’s collaboration project with local Osaka Honda dealers was published in the Nikkan Citizen Newspaper.

As of December, nine registered Honda dealers in Osaka Prefecture jointly launched a portal site introducing their respective stores, including information about test driving their vehicles, campaign announcements, their current inventory of used cars, etc. When a user searches for a Honda car, the result is displayed in conjunction with an advertisement link to the portal site and the individual company homepage (HP). Since the launch of the portal site, web inquiries guided by the sites’ links, have seen an increase in the sales performance of new cars.

So far, Honda dealers participating in the site include: Honda Cars (HC) Naniwa West (Yabuchi Motors), HC Higodoyogawa (Honda Sales Toyosato), HC Nishi Osaka (Honda Cars West Osaka), HC Ibaraki (Ibaraki Honda Sales), HC Fuse Honda), HC Garden (Honda Garden), HC Higashi Osaka (Lion Motors), HC Habikino (Sannami Honda), HC Sakaiishi (Terayama Honda Sales). All of these are single point dealers who operate at one base.

A portal site is a website that serves as an entrance for accessing the Internet. A single point dealer jointly launches a site to create a larger economy of scale. The site has been adapted to multiple devices such as personal computers and smartphones with various screen sizes.

The site utilizes Google’s advertising service “Adwords” to serve users searching for terms related to automobiles, based on the time and location.

There are now 24 Osaka Honda dealers. As market competition intensifies, the number of sales companies that will participate in such portal sites that highlight various regional Honda dealers is likely to increase.

Nikkan Car Newspaper, No. 8 Kinki region edition, Tuesday, December 8, 2015.

Nikkan Car Newspaper, No. 8 Kinki region edition, Tuesday, December 8, 2015.

Twelve Honda single point dealers in Osaka Prefecture are working on “normalization” social welfare activities through the creation and operation of a portal site launched jointly with each company’s homepage. Partnering with them to provide website management, the non-profit Nadeshiko (Chairman Takeshi Adachi, Osaka City, Higashi-sumiyoshi Ward) offers employment support for persons with disabilities. Nadeshiko aims to broaden public understanding of and interaction with persons with disabilities, and to provide jobs to promote their independent living.

Normalization is a concept in social welfare that believes people with disabilities should be allowed to enjoy the same quality of life as other people. Due to the difficulty persons with disabilities have in finding companies that will hire them, Nadeshiko seeks to lower the barrier by offering more accessible jobs primarily in the field of website development. Their focus is helping disabled people recover self-esteem and achieve competitive wages by nurturing professionals in acquiring technical skills in website production.

The Osaka Honda dealerships that launched the portal site use their homepages to actively promote each company, and through Nadeshiko to support those with disabilities. By working together as a team with disabled people, it is also an opportunity for the sales staff of the Honda companies to learn about their social environment and administration. Disabled people can deepen their awareness and confidence that they are members of society by working with sales staff. This incites greater motivation to work and promotes economic independence by receiving fair wages.

With the track record of mastering the know-how of producing homepages, Nadeshiko has acquired new orders. President Yoshiyasu Imada of Honda Gardens (Honda Cars Hanazono), who initiated the Honda dealerships to launch the portal site and requested Nadeshiko to produce the homepages, said, “This course of events is a win-win connection, and the sort of normalization we’ve been working on. I believe that small connections will eventually grow to become big swells and a driving force to change society.

Nikkan Car Newspaper, No. 8 Kinki region edition, Tuesday, December 8, 2015.

Nikkan Car Newspaper, No. 8 Kinki region version, Thursday, February 4th, 2016.

    NPO participating in project “Honda Cars x NPO”

    12 Honda regular dealers in Osaka prefecture participating in project “Honda Cars x NPO”

    Video clips shot/edited by staff of NPO Nadeshiko.

    【Honda FREED】Freed Special Movie Modeling Live Action (28 sec)

    【Honda FREED】フリード スペシャルムービー モデリング実写篇

    【Honda FREED】Freed Special Movie Modeling Animation (28 sec)

    【Honda FREED】フリード スペシャルムービー モデリングアニメ篇